Negrel Corporation: Update Note #1

#indie hacker

The year 2023 was marked by significant changes. I had initiated work on a business idea but faced setbacks due to a lack of free time amid my studies and my job at La Française Des Jeux. After successfully completing my graduation in September, I made the decision to resign from my job and wholeheartedly concentrate on my personal projects.

This post serves as a retrospective on my progress since September 2023 and outlines my entrepreneurial objectives for 2024.


I'm a terrible project manager.

I started developing my analytics service without a vision, without formally defining the need.

It was a terrible mistake from a management point of view that prevented me from achieving my objectives in time.

However, in this way, I was able to work freely, as a developer, and explore various technologies such as:

I also tried different architectures with their tradeoffs:

  • monolithic
  • hybrid between service oriented architecture and micro-services

and dozens of other things:

  • HTTP APIs:
    • HTML REST (with HATEOAS)
  • Clean architecture and its variants
  • Go web frameworks:
    • Echo
    • Fiber

I've never worked and learned this much. Despite not meeting my deadlines, after months of effort, I've successfully built an MVP and am now progressing towards version 1.0.

In retrospect, this exploration phase was necessary as it allowed me to acquire the knowledges needed to build a better analytics service.

Additionally, I've officially named it Prisme Analytics and crafted a logo:

prisme analytics logo

Currently, the project is at version 0.5 and features an efficient ingestion server. At the moment, only page view events are supported. You can follow progress on Twitter and GitHub (it’s Open Source)!

I am self-hosting an instance and may write a guide for it later.

Here is my dashboard:

2024 Objectives

For this year, I have numerous objectives, but the main ones are as follows:

  1. Earn my first dollar with Prisme Analytics before the summer.
  2. Grow Prisme Analytics to $1000 MRR.
  3. Initiate other businesses related to Prisme Analytics for side project marketing.

I also plan doing some freelance missions to sustain myself and expand my network.

That's it for this update note!