Introducing Negrel Corporation

#indie hacker

After completing three years of studying Computer Science at IMERIR and working as an apprentice software engineer at La Fran├žaise Des Jeux, I successfully graduated this past Saturday, on September 30, 2023.

This significant milestone marks the conclusion of my student life and the commencement of my journey as an entrepreneur.

I believe I have received excellent training that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application in a corporate setting. After these three years of working at FDJ, I now feel confident to embark on this journey independently.

Setting my entrepreneurial objectives

In the coming months, I am determined to launch multiple web services that will cater to my specific needs. My primary goal is to monetize these services and initiate the development of a profitable business model with sustainable recurring revenues.

My second objective is to ensure that my services are robust and require minimal maintenance, allowing me to concentrate on what truly matters and continue expanding. This objective will significantly influence the design decisions of the product.

My third goal is to establish a brand, Negrel Corporation, known for delivering top-tier web services of exceptional quality.

Finally, I aspire to build an audience by sharing my experiences through my blog and X (formerly Twitter).

Undoubtedly, some of these objectives are quite ambitious, but I would rather strive for challenging goals and potentially fall short, than settle for easily attainable ones.


To effectively work towards achieving my goals, it's essential that I base my decisions on facts, statistics, and data rather than relying on intuition or feelings. That's precisely why my first product will be an analytics service.

While the indie hacker community often advises building and shipping quickly, then pivoting if the initial project doesn't gain traction, I've chosen a different path, particularly for the analytics service. I'm confident in the existing demand, so my approach will involve delivering an MVP swiftly, followed by a significant investment of time and effort to create a resilient, high-quality product.

I'm planning to release a minimum viable product (MVP) by mid-October 2023.

It may not be profitable this year, but it will one day. This is a long-term journey with long-term goals.

It will take as long as it takes.